Bio on TakamaruEdit

Takamaru is a Samurai from the Edo Period of Japan. Takamaru, similar to Link from the Zelda series, Takamaru

has to collect 4 Jewels from the possessed Japan Warlords, MomoSame, Aosame, Ryukasame, Akasame. The reason why Takamaru has to collect these
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Jewels is because the evil beast, Murasame will be nearly invincible if it has all Jewels in its possession. Takamaru is a Nintendo Character like Link but some people think he is from Samurai warriors.

Trivia of TakamaruEdit

Nazo No Murasamejou (Murasame Castle) was outshined by both Legend of Zelda and Super Mario Bros for the Famicom at the time, so no one was aware of this games existence. If you still don't know who Takamaru is there is a sticker in Super Smash Bros Brawl and a Song from the game Murasame Castle, and also made a guest appearance (Playable) in Samurai Warriors 3 Exclusivly for Nintendo Wii! The game Nazo no Murasamejou was realeased in 1985 on Famicom in japan the game hs a 25 year anniversary!

MUGEN info on TakamaruEdit

Takamaru is a work in progress by Omegabros6 he will be released around December or sooner but as of now hes a work in progress. the work in progress topic is located here

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